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Joe Carr

Audience perception of content vs technical/creative
– In our area of work and teaching a lot of focus is put on technically producing quality products and being artistic/creative with how you deliver the content, however with budgets decreasing it seems cheaper less technical programming is becoming more popular for broadcasters to produce and audiences to watch. Shows like “Come Dine With Me” and “Gogglebox” are good examples of this. Have we been spending too much time (and money) focusing on creative technical development when the majority of audiences care more for content?

  • Location: Oxford Brookes University

    Dr. Igea Troiani

    Senior Lecturer

    Architecture Filmmaking (book in progress)
    Visual Methods of Research in Architecture (book in progress)
    Architecture Theory as Film
    Trans-disciplinary practice-based research in Architecture
    PhD – a Transdisciplinary history of Architectural Design

    • Location: Oxford Brookes University
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